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Ali Qasimi

7.10 AM 

My phone alarm just goes off and I get up, make my bed, wash myself, get changed, have breakfast and off to our local train station all within 30 minutes!

7.55 AM

I arrive at the station and catch the train to Southern Cross station. My train ride is almost an hour long, so I spend my time reading Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life”. I have an interest in non-fiction and a bit of philosophical content. So if my beard can grow long enough then I would stroke my beard as I come across any profound passage.

9.10 AM

I arrive at Ericsson’s Docklands office and greet my colleagues as I walk around the office until I get to an available floating desk. There is no such thing as fixed sitting here, you can almost seat anywhere you like, and if you are lucky then you get to grab a seat with a stunning view of Docklands! I turn on my laptop, connect it to a monitor and always check my emails first thing in the morning. If any of the emails require action, I make sure to flag it and add it to my daily checklist, ticking it off as I complete it throughout the day.


9.20 AM

I head to our kitchen and grab myself a cappuccino along with a bitesize biscuit. I socialise with the rest of my colleagues while having my morning coffee and also get a glimpse of the morning news updates on the kitchen TV. 

9.30 AM

By now I am back to my desk and ready to smash out some work. As an integration engineer in the Digital Services team, I work along side my team of a project manager, solution architect, site engineer, and another integration engineer to deliver projects for our broadband provider client. Today I am running some post checks for a recent hardware and software migration, making sure that our client’s network runs smoothly and there are no unexpected alarms or errors. In the meantime, in the back of my head I have this cool idea on writing some scripts to automate this process, which will save significant amount of time and can ensure that we deliver our project much quicker. We live in the age of DevOps and thinking about how to automate processes to make our life easier is key!


12.00 PM

One of my colleagues has invited me to go for a run with him. We have a whole social circle of runners at Ericsson who do this on a daily or weekly basis. I get changed and head out to smash out a few kms before hitting the shower at work and refuel my energy with some lunch.

1.00 PM

I head to the main kitchen for lunch together with the rest of the graduates and other colleagues. This is where we have fun talking about various topics, anything from our personal hobbies and the latest news in sport to our plans for Friday after-work drinks and plans for the weekend. We also have a fussball table in our main kitchen, so we may also keep the adrenaline running with a few matches of fussball while talking about how we could come up with a garage project of creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) fussball table running on a microcontroller. 

1.30 PM

I am back from lunch by now and I am attending a meeting with our client to sync up on our current progress on the project, making any updates on our project time plan if required. We tend to keep our client synced periodically throughout the project delivery to make sure we are all on the same page and to assure smooth delivery of the project. 

2.30 PM

I am heading off to our client’s site to perform some test cases for the recent migration, which helps to ensure that the upgraded node in the network performs according to the design and integrates with the rest of the nodes in the network as expected. Perks of working at Ericsson is that you don’t stay in one place all day every day. Our client’s site is a walking distance away, so I use this opportunity to also have a walk out in the sun. Once I get to the site I roll up my sleeves and get onto some hands-on work at the testing lab!

5.30 PM

I have packed up by now and already here at Southern Cross train station catching my train home! On some days I cross paths with another friend or a colleague from work, so we catch the train together.

7.00 PM

By now I have arrived home and already got changed. After having sips of a cup of warm tea along with some dried fruit while getting my daily dose of YouTube, I help my little sister with her high school maths exercises. 

10.30 PM

By now I should have had my dinner, had some fruit together with the family, checked out what’s been happening on social media, and hit bed!