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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Alan Ngo

What roles have you undertaken during the Graduate Program?

During my time on the graduate program, I have worked in Sales, Bid Management and Sales and Account management support roles. They have all helped to build my understanding of HP’s Go-To-Market organization as well as our client, Commonwealth Bank.

Currently in a Sales and Account Management I am responsible for maintaining the integrity of the sales pipeline, co-ordination of internal reviews and preparing financial views of the account.

What has been your proudest moment so far at HPE?
Aside from the impact I have made on the account, my proudest moment was being able to organize volunteering events for HPE employees with Ronald McDonald House. Working Bees and Make a Meal were two activities where we at HP made a difference to the community.

The Graduate Program has opened up doors and enabled me to network throughout the organization. I have seen the vast career opportunities that are available to me and when added to my network within the organization I have been able to create a career plan.

What key skills are needed to succeed at HPE?
I have found active listening, flexibility, leadership skills and an ability to be supportive and motivate others are all key attributes to succeeding at HP.